Always a fitting solution

» Diversity is our special field.

  • Visions

    In close collaboration with our clients, we develop ideas and concepts to strengthen their position in the market and help them win new customers.

  • Programming

    While developing, using latest technologies based on current web standards, we always keep search engine optimization and cross-browser compatibility in mind.

  • Design

    On the web, on paper, or in 3D visualizations: We will help you to convince your customers and business partners through an appealing design.

  • The right solution

    48DESIGN offers everything from one source: We are your competent partner and offer you the tailor-made solution for you and your target group.

Our strengths at a glance

» Learn more, see for yourself.

  • Homepages und Webdesign Karlsruhe

    In web design, we place value on modern, appealing design, tidy code, fast loading times and intuitive usability. Search engine optimization is self-evident, and we also provide accessibility on request. We use latest web standards like HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, also perfectly presented on mobile devices thanks to responsive design.

    Many years of experience from the very beginning of web development have helped us become your strong partner, from small business websites to large online portals or webshops.

  • 3D und 3D-Visualisierung Karlsruhe

    3D visualisation is our second major core area. From product visualisation, even before the first real prototype exists at all, over 3D animations of all kinds, up to the photorealistic architectural visualisation. Whether as a component of your website, or for presentation at exhibition stands – here at 48DESIGN we will make your imagination become reality.

  • Panorama und Fotografie Karlsruhe

    Webdesign subsists on imagery, 3D visualisation on textures. That's why we're also active in the area of photography. We create panoramic photographs and virtual 360° walking tours of your office premises and HDRIs to illuminate 3D scenes in Computer Generated Imaging.

  • Visitenkarten und Corporate Design Karlsruhe

    We are also active in the classic advertising area of print design. Your complete business equipment, from stationery to business cards to printed ball-point pens, adhesive foils, stand-up displays or other merchandising material in your corporate design – with us, you get everything from a single source and do not have to take care of the printing itself.

  • Programmierung Karlsruhe

    We are tinkerers at heart, so we like programming tools, that make our and your work done easier. From a few lines of code to a complex app - we will find the right solution for every task. We us, for example, C#, MaxScript or the usual web standards (HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and php) for this kind of projects.